RoboShop: Meet the robots delivering shopping in Milton Keynes

Robots have become a familiar sight on the streets of Milton Keynes where they’ve been delivering groceries for a year.

They’ve reached a global milestone with their 50,000th trip made in the town.

Robots delivering shopping Credit: ITV Anglia

The deliveries began from one local food store, costing a pound, and demand has grown steadily.

The robots are packed with technology. They have GPS tracking, cameras, and ultra sonic sensors.

It helps them navigate around obstacles and even cross the road.

The company behind them, Starship Technologies, says they’ve also taken security measures.

“The robot has many theft prevention measures. If anything was the happen the robots are locked so you can’t get inside, they have 10 cameras which can be recording, tracking to the nearest inch and if you try and tamper with a robot it’s got like a car siren, an alarm that goes off so it’s quite an embarrassing thing to get caught stealing.”


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