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Why isn't my items' position current / updated?

The TrackerSense-1 uses the very latest in GPS and GSM technology to locate it’s position. In the unlikely event that the TrackerSense-1 is in an environment where it cannot get any mobile signal, it will be unable to transmit its latest position to the server. You will be able to see its last confirmed position and also when the device will attempt to send its next position, but without a mobile signal, it will be unable to send the data.

The cause of this could be that the device is in a remote area with no mobile signal or that it has gone into a basement or similar with no mobile connectivity. Rest assured, that the moment the device reconnects to any mobile network (we contract with ALL mobile networks to be as resilient as possible), it will send its latest position and related data.

What will it cost to use the service?

Once you have purchased the device, on activation, it will track for up to 30 Days* at no additional cost to you. If you wish to reuse the tracker beyond the 30 days, additional days may be purchased. Login to your mapping portal to see the options available to your tracker.

*Dependent on update frequency you have selected.

How many days will my device track for?

The TrackerSense-1 is designed to be extremely simple to use. When you purchase the device, it is in standby mode (no tracking) and can be stored for up to 1 year. Once you are ready to use it, you pull the tab and the device will start to track immediately. From the point of activation it is designed to track on default settings for 15 days*.

However, you can configure the tracking intervals to suit your tracking requirements. You could set it to every 20 minutes or once a day, each of which will affect the battery life differently. Within the interface, when you adjust the frequency for your particular device, the application will suggest the battery life you can expect at the frequency you select.

Here are some examples of what you could expect:

1 Hourly intervals during the day and 2 hourly at night = 15 Days
Every 5 hours = 1 month
Once a Day = 5 Months


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